Z8E/18E debugger

The Z8E is a full-screen symbolic debugger for the Z80 processor. It is available from many places, including the Walnut Creek CP/M CD-ROM, and the latest known version is 3.5. There is also a version for the Z180 family of processors, but is somewhat outdated compared to the latest Z8E (the latest 18E version is 1.0). In the other hand, 18E has its own set of enhancements, like auxiliary terminal support, not present in Z8E.

I've merged both sources into a new version that contains all the latest enhancements of Z8E up to V3.5 plus support for the Z180 command set and auxiliary terminal. I've named the new version V3.6.

There is a conditional command (h64180) in the sources to select which CPU to support (Z80 or Z180). When compiled with Z180 support the debugger announces itself as 18E, otherwise as Z8E.

Sources and binaries are in the downloads area.

Last updated: 2-Feb-2007